About Us

The National Rendezvous is a special gathering of the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF) members of Royal Rangers that occurs once every four years. This national event draws together men and boys from all across the country for a time of fun and fellowship in a frontier setting.

Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship (FCF) is a special program of Royal Rangers that provides men and boys with additional opportunities to develop specialized outdoor skills based on the lore and traditions of the early American frontiersmen. FCF members participate in special events like Rendezvous where frontier skills are demonstrated and practiced. Competitions are included that promote the development of these skills and reflect the excitement, color, and flair of frontier America. More information about the FCF program can be found at NationalFCF.com.

The 2018 National FCF Rendezvous will be the most exciting and colorful FCF event ever. The theme for Rendezvous will be "Lift Up Your Voice!" Isaiah 40:9. If you're a member of FCF, you won’t want to miss this special brand of fellowship, camaraderie, and competition with your FCF brethren from across the country. You’ll have the opportunity to hear some great speakers and to join in an amazing time of worship!

For additional information on Royal Rangers visit RoyalRangers.com.

For additional information on Frontiersman Camping Fellowship visit NationalFCF.com.