Rendezvous is the place for a variety of fun-filled events and competitions. Visitors are welcome to observe all the festivities but participating in some events is limited to registered campers. Here's a sampling of what will be going on.

*Activities identified with an asterisk are available to visitors

Strongheart Award Competition

Several events at Rendezvous will be included in the competition for the Strongheart Award. Individual awards will be presented to the top three Young Bucks and Old Timers in each event, but the Strongheart Award will be presented to the Young Buck and Old Timer with the highest cumulative score across all events. Visit our Strongheart Award page for details.

Stump Preaching Competition

The Stump Preaching event will follow the same criteria as used in the "Short Sermon" category of National Youth Ministries Fine Arts Festival. For details, visit our Stump Preaching page.

Hawk & Knife Throwing*

The Hawk & Knife events will be a buzz of activity throughout the Rendezvous. There will be (5) targets available for guests. Primitive-style tomahawks and throwing knives will be available. Registered campers can test their expertise on two 15-station throwing trails where points can be earned toward the Strongheart Award..

Shooting Extravaganza

All the black powder shooting events will test your ability to shoot fast and straight. Expect some new twists on old shooting standards with some fantastic prizes for those who shine.

Rendezvous Games*

A variety of frontier games will be available. Try your hand at corncob darts, rock throwing, primitive slingshot, a non-traditional Seneca trail, and more. All materials will be available on site for everyone to participate.

Craftsman's Fair*

From its beginning, the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship, has featured skilled craftsmen. Rendezvous will showcase these talented members. From clothing to hand forged tools and from powder horns to beaded moccasins, members can submit handcrafted items in six categories. The top three entries for both Young Bucks and Old Timers in each category will earn a winner’s ribbon. The top three overall entries will be recognized as “Best in Show.” Get busy on your entries today!

  • Clothing: Knit caps, buckskin pants, hunter’s frock, calico shirts, warshirt, moccasins, leggings, military uniforms, etc.
  • Accessories: Possible pouches, powder horns, belts, woven straps, quivers, lanterns, tin and copper items, necklaces, beading, quill work, etc.
  • Weaponry: Rifles, tomahawks, knives, war clubs, long bows, arrows, swords, etc.
  • Blacksmithing: Hooks, knives, hawks, flint strikers, trekking kits, squirrel roasters, etc.
  • Art: Paintings, carvings, scrim, engravings, quill work, drawings, wood burning, etc.
  • Woodcraft: Boxes, chairs, benches, tables, ID staffs, etc.

Frontier Trades Demonstrators*

Some of the best frontier craftsmen in America will be showcasing their skills in producing authentic frontier clothing and accouterments. Learn how to hammer forge a nail, tan a beaver hide, and more.

Vendors Row*

Check out a variety of frontier wares from our Rendezvous vendors in the vendors row. Pick up a calico shirt or a new tomahawk handle. A great variety of products will be available for purchase.

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City, a popular family-friendly theme park in Branson, MO provides a special discount rates to groups.  This could be a great addition to your rendezvous before or after the event.  Details can be found on the Discount Flyer or the Silver Dollar City web site.