Food Service

Food Service

Rendezvous registration does not include meals, but if you prefer to avoid the added effort of cooking and cleaning, come join us at the Rendezvous Cafe. Limited food items will also be available at our concession stations.

Rendezvous Cafe

Each daily meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one person for $25 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. The "All Meal Deal" includes all meals for Monday through Thursday as well as Sunday dinner and Friday breakfast for $110.

Meals must be purchased by June 29th and may be purchased at the time of registration (online or by mail) or added at a later date using the Rendezvous Cafe Meal Order Form. Cafe meals cannot be purchased after June 29th or on site.

Please note that when purchasing meals while registering online or using the print application, the Rendezvous Cafe Meal Order Form is not needed. However, if you decide to add meals later, after registration, the form is required.

Food Allergy Warning:  Due to the potential variety of food allergies that may effect campers, individuals with special dietary needs are encouraged to prepare their own meals in their campsite.


Concessions will be available at various locations throughout the camp for purchase by campers or visitors.