Guest Speaker: Rev Rick DuBose

We are pleased to announce that Rev. Rick DuBose will be joining us at National Rendezvous as our guest speaker on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Rev. DuBose was recently elected as General Treasurer of the Assemblies of God and previously served as the District Superintendent for the North Texas District AG where he was a strong advocate for the Royal Rangers ministry.

"When I was a boy I never missed the Royal Rangers meetings or the campouts. I loved it!" Rick states. "I learned the points on the emblem and received a number of the advancements. As a pastor, I promoted the program and when possible, attended the campouts. I believe in Royal Rangers."

Rick strongly believes in the value of mentoring boys into Christlike manhood and sees it as an essential message in today's culture.

Rick states, "I've always believed in the value of Royal Rangers but I actually think it’s more important in our present culture than it was when I was a boy. I deeply appreciate the men who make it happen and can’t wait to join you at National Rendezvous!"

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