Join FCF at National Rendezvous

Join FCF at National Rendezvous

A new feature at this Rendezvous will be the inclusion of a Frontier Adventure. This will allow men and boys who are not currently members of FCF to complete the membership process and then to participate at National Rendezvous. This will enable outposts to bring not only their current FCF members but prospective members. Once the Frontier Adventure concludes, participants can enjoy Rendezvous as new FCF Frontiersmen.

Please take note of these important details concerning this Frontier Adventure:

  • All Frontier Adventure participants must also be registered to attend Rendezvous.
  • Registration for the Frontier Adventure can be made at the time of registration for rendezvous (online or by mail).
  • An additional $10 fee is required for Frontier Adventure and must be paid at the time of registration.
  • All Frontier Adventure registrations must be received before June 17th (online or by mail).
  • An FCF Membership Application must be submitted for each individual participating in the Frontier Adventure. Applications can be found on the Fees & Forms¬†page and may be mailed in with your required medical forms.
  • All regular membership requirements for FCF must still be met by all participants in the Frontier Adventure as described in the FCF Handbook or the Royal Rangers web site.

Come join us for National Rendezvous and bring a large group with you. It will be an event you'll long remember.

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  1. Need to know if i can attend this event. I’m not a F CF member yet and I’m starting a new outpost #344, at New Haven, Ct 06511.

    Angel .Pantoja
    • As a non-FCF member you can attend National Rendezvous if you register to join FCF via the Frontier Adventure at rendezvous. You’ll then become an FCF member while you’re there. All other membership requirements still apply.

      John Hicks
  2. Can interested dads of Rangers come? Obviously they will not have gone through the Leader training or anything.

    David Mayfield
    • Participation in FCF events is more restricted than regular Royal Rangers events since FCF has always included additional membership requirements. Attendance at rendezvous is therefore limited to current FCF members or those who are in the process of joining FCF by participating in the Frontier Adventure at rendezvous.

      John Hicks
  3. May God continue blessing you. I need to know a number to call the district or if it is the National office for information on how to send the Agreement & medical Records or if it needs to be (Fax) what number, so I can send the FCF Membership Application if that’s the case. I have everything filled out and ready.Please get back to me on this matter.

    thank you for your time.

    Angel .Pantoja
    • All forms and applications should be sent to AG Convention Services at 1445 N Boonville Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802. They may also be faxed to 417-862-7891.

      John Hicks

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