Participation in the 2018 National FCF Rendezvous is open to all FCF members, as well as those seeking to join FCF by participating in the Frontier Adventure (refer to our Frontier Adventure page for details). Attendees who register before May 17, 2018 will receive a special commemorative FCF hat pin. Members of chartered Royal Rangers outposts receive a 15% discount if preregistered (meals plans and on-site registration excluded.)

Please note that Rendezvous registration does NOT include meals. However, optional meal plans are available for purchase through the Rendezvous Cafe for an additional fee.

Leader Discounts

Each adult leader who brings at least three boys to rendezvous will receive a special 50% discount on his registration.  To receive the discount, the leader and the three boys he's bringing must register at the same time, by mail, including Rendezvous Application, Participant, Medical Record, and the appropriate registration fees for each person.  Please note that this discount is only available by mail and cannot be received via online registration.

Registration Forms

Registration for National Rendezvous may be made online or by mail. To register online, visit our Online Registration page. To register by mail, please submit the following application for each individual attending, with the appropriate fees as stated below:

Regardless of the registration method used, a "Participation Agreement & Medial Record" must be submitted for each person attending. These forms may be mailed or faxed to the following address:

AG Convention Services
1445 N Boonville Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802
Fax:  417-862-7891
Phone:  417-862-2781, ext. 4052

Registration Fees (chartered outpost):

  • Before May 17th - $92
  • Before June 17th - $100
  • On or after June 17th - $106
  • On Site - $140

Registration Fees (non-chartered outpost):

  • Before May 17th - $108
  • Before June 17th - $115
  • On or after June 17th - $125
  • On Site - $140

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