Strongheart Award

Strongheart Award

One of the most exciting features of National Rendezvous will be the extensive events available for both Young Bucks and Old Timers. Several of these events will be included in the competition for the Strongheart Award. Individual awards will be presented to the top three Young Bucks and Old Timers in each event, but the Strongheart Award will be presented to the Young Buck and Old Timer with the highest cumulative score across all events. The Strongheart Award will be presented based on scores from the following six events.

Hawk & Knife Throwing

30 points possible – 15 pts for Hawk throwing, 15 pts for Knife throwing

The hawk & knife event will be a buzz of activity throughout Rendezvous. There will be two 15-station trails to test your throwing expertise. A participant will be able to choose to complete either trail for score. A shaded area of the target will identify the scoring zone.

  1. Score 1 point for getting a stick in the shaded area of the target. A stick in any other part of the target will not count for score.
  2. Only two throws are allowed per target. All throws must include at least one full revolution of the hawk or knife.
  3. Only primitive style tomahawks and throwing knives may be used. Throwing knives can only have a blade on one side of the knife.
  4. The hawk or knife must remain stuck in the shaded part of the target until it is retrieved for it to count for score.

Black Powder Shooting

15 points possible

All the black powder shooting events will test your ability to shoot straight while being hindered by obstacles. Expect some new twists on old shooting standards. There will be a 15-station muzzle loading shooting trail. Hanging metal targets will be placed at a variety of distances in the forest. A shooter must hit the target (recognized by the sound of the shot hitting the target and the movement of the target) to earn 1 point.

  1. All black powder rifles will be checked and approved by the Range Officer before they can be used.
  2. All black powder participants must have an approved shooter’s card (NRA/NMRLA).
  3. All black powder rifles must have a traditional/primitive firing system (flintlock or percussion). No inline rifles allowed.
  4. Patched round balls will be the only allowable projectile.
  5. All shooters must wear ear and eye protection.
  6. Open metal sights must be used. No peep sights, aperture sights, or scopes will be allowed.


15 points possible

The 15-station archery trail will also test your ability to release arrows accurately while being hindered by obstacles. The object will be to shoot 3D animal targets in a natural forest setting. Fifteen 3D animal targets will be placed at varying distances in the forest. A participant must hit any part of the target to earn one point. Each target will have a “kill zone” area, which will be used to determine a tie. Place an X next to the 1 in the score box in the event your arrow hits the kill zone. The participant will have two attempts at each target and will score the better of the two attempts.

  1. All bows will be longbow or re-curve bows with open sights. Compound bows will not be allowed.
  2. No sighting devices are allowed. All aiming must be instinctive. String silencers are not allowed.
  3. Arrows should be equipped with field points or target tips. Any type of broad head tip or point will not be allowed.
  4. Wood, aluminum, carbon, and graphite arrows may be used.
  5. No mechanized releases are allowed.
  6. Finger and arm guards may be used.

Fire Starting

15 points possible

Participants will attempt to earn points by completing two fire starting disciplines, to include standard flint & steel and bow & drill. They will mold a rifle ball and light a candle.
A participant must provide his own flint, steel, and charred cloth.

  1. Fire starting materials (bird nest) must be natural—no synthetic or treated materials.
  2. Tinder, kindling, and fuel must be collected from the event site.

Rendezvous Games

10 points possible

A variety of frontier games will be available for earning points. Try your hand at rock throwing, primitive slingshot, corncob darts, a non-traditional Seneca trail, etc. All materials will be available at the individual games for a participant to complete the game.


15 points possible

Earn points based on the authenticity, craftsmanship, and appropriateness of your frontier outfit. Outfits will be judged in the following categories: Colonial, Voyageur, Military, Mountainman and Longhunter. Outfit judging guidelines will be available soon.