Get Ready for Rendezvous 2018!

The National FCF Rendezvous will be taking place at Eagle Rock, MO on July 16-20, 2018. This event is going to be one Royal Rangers will be talking about for years to come. Our theme comes from Isaiah 40:9: “Lift up your voice with a shout, lift it up, do not be afraid.” Men and boys from across the country will be coming together to “shout to the Lord” and celebrate all the amazing things God is doing among us.

National Rendezvous will be a great time of fun and fellowship for “Old Timers” and “Young Bucks” alike, so you’ll want to bring your entire FCF group so no one misses out. Any leader who brings three or more boys will receive a 50% discount on his registration.

Every activity at Rendezvous will score points toward the Top Chapter Award. This includes participation in the Craftsman’s Fair, chapter games, and other Rendezvous events. The more participation from individuals and the chapter at Rendezvous, the greater the chance to be named Top Chapter.

A new award, called “Strongheart Award,” will be presented to the top performing Young Buck and Old Timer at Rendezvous. Strongheart was the FCF name of our founder and first national director, Johnnie Barnes.

A Frontier Adventure will also be included as part of this Rendezvous for boys or leaders who are not currently FCF members. This means potential members can complete the membership process by participating the Frontier Adventure and then enjoy Rendezvous as new members! Participants must register online by June 17, 2018 and submit a membership application. An additional $10 fee will be required during the registration process.

Additional information can be found online at Make plans now to be part of this great event. We’ll see you around the campfire!

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