There will be two trekking options at National Rendezvous. This is a new event at Rendezvous that we are very excited about.

Frontier Trek (day hikes)

Have you ever dreamed of walking Camp Eagle Rock property and seeing some of the old homestead foundations, the waterfalls, or the top of Hawkeye Mountain? Join an experienced trekker for a day hike to several of these destinations. There is no cost for this event, but we ask that you choose the day you want to trek during registration. If there are only a few people registered on each day, then we will reach out to everyone to see which day will work best and only do one day.

You can check the FCF website or here at a later date for a packing list. Period food suggestions can also be found on the list.

Further details to come closer to the event date.

Frontier Trek (overnight)

Want to expand your Frontier experience and possibly sleep under the stars? Then signup during registration and spend a night near the campgrounds in the woods of a primitive camp that you made.  The Frontier TREK patch will be awarded to all who complete the overnight trek. The cost of the overnight event is $5.00. Depending on how many people sign up, we may schedule multiple overnight events.

A Frontier Trek Gear List can be downloaded from the FCF website or here. Period food suggestions can also be found on the list. You will need to prepare and bring a lunch, dinner, and breakfast list for cooking and non-cooking in case of a fire band. Rifles or bows may be carried but will not be shot.

Further details to come closer to the event date.


Registration for National Rendezvous may be made online until June 23, 2024, and is open to all men and boys who meet the attendance qualifications. Details can be found on the registration page.



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