Participation for the 2024 National FCF Rendezvous is open to all FCF members, as well as those seeking to join FCF by participating in the Frontier Adventure (refer to our Frontier Adventure page for details). Attendees who register before May 1, 2024, will receive a special commemorative FCF hat pin.

Please note that Rendezvous registration does NOT include meals. However, optional meal plans are available for purchase through the Rendezvous Cafe for an additional fee. Meals must be purchased by June 23.


Before May 1: $225
Before June 1: $250
June 1–June 23: $275
NO onsite registration will be available.

The "All Meal Deal" - $125.00 per person. Includes Sunday dinner, all meals for Monday through Thursday, and Friday breakfast.

Registration Qualifications

All applicants must be male at birth, 11 years of age, and a member of FCF by July 1, 2024 (or completing Frontier Adventure at Rendezvous). Registration not available after June 23, 2024, or onsite. NO exceptions to these rules.

Leader Discounts

Each adult leader who brings at least three boys to rendezvous will receive a special 50% refund on his registration. To receive the refund, the leader and the three boys he's bringing should register at the same time. Once registration closes, you may begin to request your refund. You can request is from June 24 through August 1. Requests received after August 1 will not be processed. You will email [email protected] and provide your name and the names of the three boys you brought. (Note: Boys can only be claimed by one leader for the refund. For example, if two leaders bring three boys, only one leader can request the refund.)

Registration Forms

Registration for National Rendezvous must be made ONLINE. To register online, visit our Online Registration page. After the online registration portion is completed, a young buck's parent or guardian will receive a link to complete the Parental Consent & Medical Authorization (PCA) form. Once the form is electronically signed, the young buck will be be fully registered. After the online registration portion is completed, an old timer will receive a link to complete the Assumption of Risk (AOR) form and an email to complete a background check from Trusted Employee. Once the AOR is electronically signed and the background check is cleared, the old time is fully registered.

  • Young Buck: Parental Consent & Medical Authorization (PCA) form
  • Old Timer: Assumption of Risk (AOR) form
  • Old Timer: Background check through Trusted Employee*
  • Information Worksheet - Print this worksheet to gather registration information for those attending Rendezvous. This will make online registration much quicker and easier.

*If an attendee completed a background check in August 2023 or later for a territorial rendezvous (possible events: Colonials, Explorers, Riflemen, Rivermen, and Voyagers), that background will also cover National Rendezvous. You need to contact [email protected] and let the office know which territorial event you attended. Our office will update the registration system to count the background check you completed for the territorial event.


Registered attendees who are unable to attend the National Rendezvous may request a partial refund of fees paid. Requests must be submitted in writing to Convention Services Group (see address below). See table below for refund fees charged for requests received more than 90 days before and within 45 days of the beginning of camp. Requests received after start of camp will not receive a refund.

Requests received more than 90 days before the event (prior to April 8)

Registration Fees:  $25.00
Cafe All Meal Deal: $25.00

Requests received from 90-45 days before the event (April  9–May 23)

Registration Fees:  $65.00
Cafe All Meal Deal: $35.00

Requests received less than 45 days before the event (May 24–July 7)

Registration Fees: $100.00
Cafe All Meal Deal: $50.00

In situations where a registered attendee is unable to attend, an alternate attendee may be substituted in his place provided the alternate meets the participant qualifications (see above).

AG Convention Services
1445 N Boonville Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802
Fax: 417-862-7891
Phone: 417-862-2781, ext. 4052
Email: [email protected]


Online Registration Page
Frontier Adventure: registered by June 23
Buckskin Challenge: registered by June 17
Wilderness Vigil: registered by June 17
Rendezvous Cafe: must be purchased by June 23
Vendor Application for commercial vendors


Registration for National Rendezvous may be made online until June 23, 2024, and is open to all men and boys who meet the attendance qualifications. Details can be found on the registration page.



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